Kevin (low_delta) wrote in de_deranged,

updated website

The Femmes site has a new look.

I see they've got a Myspace. They said their previous two were deleted. I wonder why.

This is their latest post there (about last night's show):
OK so tonight we are supporting Bob Dylan in Kilkenny. That should be interesting because it is obvious that Gordon has had a strong influence on Dylan's songwriting and singing. Sometimes it's amazing how similar he sounds to Gordon, we wonder how that happened.
And speaking of odd lineups, they've got this show: August 19 - Irvine, CA - Verizon Ampitheather w/ Def Leppard, Journey, Cheap Trick

There are interviews with tour manager and Horn of Dilemma Darren Brown, supplemental guitarist Jeff Hamilton and cajon boxer John Sparrow, here.

I guess John Sparrow was in the local Milwaukee band, The Danglers. I was hanging with some people, one weekend several years ago, and we saw them play. One of the girls hooked up with the drummer. The next day she reported that she saw himplay drums in the nude. I can only assume this was Sparrow.
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