Kevin (low_delta) wrote in de_deranged,


I did some research and wrote a bio for Victor DeLorenzo.

It's a little awkward in places, but I'm proud of it.

edit: (here's the text of the entry)
Victor De Lorenzo was born on October 25, 1954. He grew up in Racine, Wisconsin and has lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, since. He has been a drummer since the age of sixteen, but an actor since the age of five. While attending the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, he auditioned for and was accepted into Theatre X in 1976, and worked with them in various roles for more than twenty years.

As a drummer, DeLorenzo paired up with bassist Brian Ritchie in 1981, as a rhythm section that they called the Violent Femmes. When singer, guitarist and songwriter Gordon Gano joined them in 1981, the name was given to the trio, and the Violent Femmes as we know them, were born. DeLorenzo's father loaned the band $10,000 to record their debut album, Violent Femmes. His signature sound, which accounts for one-third of the unique sound of the Violent Femmes, is due to his minimalist drum kit. He often uses nothing more than a snare drum, a hi-hat, a tranceaphone and steel brushes. The tranceaphone is an invention of his that consists of a metal bushel basket inverted over a tom. He favors this style of kit because in their early days, the band often played on the streets.

DeLorenzo continued to act with Theatre X, and record and tour with the Femmes until 1993, when he left to devote more of his time to acting and to recording his own music. In 1996 he opened a recording studio called Joe's Real Recording. He has released three solo records since 1990. in addition to recording his own music, he has played with several side projects, including Ash Can School. In 2000, he teamed up with Ritchie to put together a Femmes compilation, and subsequently rejoined the band.

DeLorenzo's biggest influences are the painter Marcel Duchamp, and his father, from whom he acquired his talent of listening.
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