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The Femmes were invited to the opening of Miller new stage at the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee. A friend of mine works at a place that buys a lot of beer, so he was able to get me tickets. This was one of the first warm nights of the year, so everyone was up for a night of fun.

The show was... interesting. Fun, as always, but things were a little different.

Since Victor's rhythm is a little uneven sometimes, Ritchie has another percussion player onstage. John Sparrow on the cajon box. That's a wooden box that you sit on, and rech down between your legs to hit. You can get a surprising amount of sounds out of it - it sounds like a whole drum kit (minus cymbals).

Gordon's guitar has been getting weak, lately. He's always been rather minimalist, doing very few solos, and mostly little staccato strums, rather than strong chords. Tonight, they had a backup guitarist named Jeff Hamilton for a few songs. Half a dozen, maybe. He still didn't add that much to the sound, except on "Children of the Revolution," where he did a loud, distortion filled lead.

As an intro to "Jesus Waslking on the Water," Gordon did a short a capella (or was he strumming his violin, too?) hymn. Something about jesus walking on the sea. Then Perry DeLorenzo (Victor's daugther? Niece?) joined him on the violin. There was also a washboard player and a mandolin player, who also played on "Country Death Song," and one other I think.

Songs included, Blister in the Sun, Kiss Off, Please Do Not Go, Add It Up, Confessions, Prove My Love, Gone Daddy Gone, Good Feeling, Gimme the Car, Country Death Song, Jesus Walking on the Water, Hallowed Ground, Black Girls, I Held Her in My Arms, Children of the Revolution and American Music. Almost all early songs.

The Horns of Dilemma played on their usual "Confessions" and "Black Girls". They also played on "I Held Her in My Arms," but that seemed like a mistake. Aside from some technical difficulties, the Horns generally did not play well. That's how they're usually supposed to play, but I don't think it worked on this song. The band seemed to agree, but maybe that was my imagination. After "I Held Her in My Arms," the band seemed to need to regroup. They then played "Hallowed Ground," with just the three of them (plus Sparrow) - no keyboards. It sounded pretty good.

Sparrow did a nice cajon box solo in "Black Girls." The audience really got into "American Music" and "Gimme the Car." Victor knocked his drums over a couple of times, and played them on the floor. I think it was accidental, once. Brian only played electric bass, acoustic bass, one-string bass, and conch shell.
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