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The last time I saw the Femmes was June 29, 2007. They broke up later that summer, after a lawsuit between Brian and Gordon. *sigh*

But then... a few weeks ago, they announced a reunion for Coachella music festival! Woo! So that was kinda exciting.

And now... they announced they're playing the main stage for Summerfest on opening night! Woo woo! Very exciting! June 26th, Marcus Amphitheater.

I think the Femmes announced it before they were cleared by the Fest. According to the article below, John Boler, chief marketing officer with Summerfest's parent company, Milwaukee World Festival Inc., confirmed the booking Tuesday afternoon. Ticket prices, show times and sale dates have yet to be announced. This was not a press release, it was a "confirmation." And they still haven't announced any of the other opening night bands or festivities.

Anyway, here's an interesting article about the band in recent years...

Ritchie "did confirm that they buried the hatchet before Coachella officials contacted the Femmes' booking agent, Frank Riley, proposing a reunion show last year." That's cool.
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