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no more Victor

Today, I heard that Gordon and Brian had kicked Victor out of the band. Again.

The band had sort of taken a hiatus, back in the late eighties, probably because of Victor. Then he left the band in 1993. Or they kicked him out. Or both. Then they took him back, in 2000. This caused then-drummer Guy Hoffman to be out of a job.

Victor apparently hasn't been very happy in the band. In a statement, he called the recent reformation "business as usual" and not in a good way. I don't think the rest of the band has much patience for Victor. Besides the previous dismissals, their nickname for him was "Queenie." I know Brian doesn't think much of his drumming talent, but then he doesn't think much of Gordon's either. That's why they have John Sparrow and Jeff Hamilton backing the band. Speaking of which, I wonder if they'll keep Sparrow around, along with their new drummer.

Apparently, the organizations who made the offer to the Femmes to play the shows, said they only wanted the original lineup. As soon as those gigs were over, they dumped Victor.

The new drummer is Brian Viglione, of the Dresden Dolls. He's the one who apparently broke this news, with a statement on the Dolls' Facebook page. Should be good. The statement reads

Good morning! It's with inexpressible joy that I announce this news today. Amanda and I have always loved and been inspired by this band, and been fortunate enough to share the stage with them several times in the past. But to now be their new drummer is a dream come true and hope to see some of you out there on tour!

A dream come true, huh? The tour consists of two more dates. And I don't think they'll be making any new music, so he's basically a stand-in for Victor and Guy. Too bad, he seems like a pretty cool drummer.

So here are some links...

This gives more detail about how the Femmes got mixed up with the Dolls, including a video:

A video of the Dresden Dolls, showing Viglione's drumming:

article at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"A href="">article at the Shepherd-Express</i>, which includes DeLorenzo's entire statement.
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